Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Developing Backlinks! There are several ways to create inbound links. Directory Submissions,Article Submission, & Press Releases. The next simple easy and no cost way to get a backlink as well as no cost visitors is forum signature tags.

Forums that do get listed in the google make individual webpages per thread. Your hyper linked signature tag is now a backlink.

If you are a participant of any boards throughout the internet, amazing!. They are usually very useful and beneficial. If you are not a participant in any message board, find one that passions you and be a part of.

Most Forums allow a person to add a signature tag line to their profile. Usually in the member's area of most boards, you can modify, add and make a message board signature.

When developing your signature tag it is best to use your real name. Also use a super attached URL and briefly explain your products or services. An example of a good signature tag would be:

The Authors Name

"Your Product line description in less than 10 words"


Your signature tag can also be an Alt text hyperlink to create a keyword target backlink.

For Example:

The Authors Name

" Your Product line description in less than 10 words"

This entire phrase would be a hyperlink.

Your Product line description in less than 10 words

Each publish that you make in a message board is now a back-link to your site. Keep in mind though not to spam and that your actions in a message board can be incredibly successful or damaging based on your mind-set.

When publishing in a message board, understand that you are in a community . If you are beneficial, respectful, helpful, type and publish wisely you will get visitors from people hitting your signature tag besides the backlinks. If the above does not explain you, then maybe you should prevent the advantages of a hyperlinked signature tag ?

Forums allow people to develop believe in and knowledge that is normally not existing through the internet. As trustt develops, people will simply click on your signature tag and will purchase your products or services.

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